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Having a great looking logo is one of the most important factors to identify your business, brand and organisation.

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Getting the right compatible logo can be tricky, you want a design that is high quality and incorporates your company’s message.

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With over 6+ years of experience in the logo designing field.

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Should You Use High Page Rank Article Directories

In this article we are going to be talking about high page rank article directories

And how we can use them for search engine optimisation and link building purposes.

Yes, it’s true article directories are not as popular as they used to be.

The fact is everybody used to use them as a tactic for getting their website to the top of Google.picture-tin-of-spam

This typically resulted in low quality, key word stuffed articles. And as a result of this, Google has now penalized a lot of sites that used to rely heavily on this method of link building.

I think this is a shame because it is another example of how a helpful service gets turned into something bad.

Some of these “content farms” as they are known

Were actually high page rank article directories,

That spent years building a solid and helpful information source.

But because of people submitting duplicate content and using article spun content.
A lot of article directory sites have been diluted

And sadly what used to be a powerful resource simply doesn’t work as effectively as it did in the past.

Now, as Matt Cuts has said if we want to rank highly in the search engines. We have to produce quality, engaging content.

Absolutely agree Matt

Having said that

There are still some good ways to find high page rank article directories

To help us on our quest of getting the number one spot on Google.

The first of the high page rank article directories is called DMOZ

This directory is the oldest and perhaps the most well-known, it’s not as powerful as it used to be. But getting a link in this article directory can still give you a lot of benefit.

But, getting a link on this website can be tough

There is an application process and not everyone is accepted.

So first look in their categories and find a subject that is best suited to your niche

A word of warning

You must find a category that is highly relevant to your website

As DMOZ is extremely strict

If one of the websites moderators sees your link is not relevant to the subject you will not get accepted.

So you need to select your category first and that you will see that a suggest URL link appears in the top right corner.screen-capture-of-the-dmoz-directory-with-a-red-arrow-showing-where-to-submit-website

Next you will see the submission directions and you will be able to put in your website URL

.You will see some buttons underneath that say

“Regular” “PDF” “RSS” and “Atom”

So you can submit more than one link to DMOZ, if you have an RSS feed for example.

Then, in the description box write a description of your website and/or the service you offer.

This will be used by Google. So when you write your description, keep in mind that what will appear in the search engine.

Another of the high page rank article directories

I have found success with is called SoMuch.com

Now, at this point SEO people will be groaning, saying it is not a powerful link.

And should not be on the list of high page rank article directories


Yes, So Much is a free link directory, but the fact is it’s moderated by real people and has a page authority of 62.

Also, every time I check my website in majestic SEO

It shows the So Much link is one of the top performing on my website.

Meaning that it’s powerful

And people actually click through to my website.

So for that reason, decided to include SoMuch.com as a quality resource

On the top menu you will see an option that says “submit link”

Click it and you will be taken to a page where you can submit your link.

You will have 3 link options here.

  • Free link
  • Accelerated 24-hour approval link = $8.95 (one-time fee)
  • Enhanced link = $22.95 (per year)

I would recommend going for the accelerated 24-hour approval link

But choose whichever option suits you.

So next I am going to show you some sites that pull in articles from websites that have submitted themselves

The first one is called

Family Friendly Sites

This website is still a high page rank article directoryscreen-capture-of-where-to-add-your-site-to-the-family-friendly-website

And great for submitting articles.

It has a page authority of 62 (powerful).

One of the reasons that this website is powerful and viewed as quality

Is because they have a manual review process

This means they don’t accept every website.

The first thing to do is click Add Your Site

Family friendly sites used to be free; unfortunately it’s not any more.

There are various pricing options.

  • A basic listing for one year = $19.95
  • A one-time fee permanent listing = $49.99
  • A yearly premium sponsor listing = 59.95

Please read the guidelines of the types of websites they accept.

The next of the high page rank article directories is called

All Top

This is a personal favourite of mine, and can also be used for finding ideas to write articles about.

Fortunately, this one is free.screen-capture-of-the-alltop-website-top-menu

And it also has the domain authority of 81 (wow can you feel the power)

When you get to the homepage will see a list of categories near the top

You will have to look through these categories and decide which subject is the best fit for your blog.

Once you have found your category go to the bottom of the page and click submission.screen-capture-showing-where-to-submit-a-website

Next you will have to create an account.

And search for your All Top topic from the drop-down menu.

When you have filled in all the necessary information, All Top will look at your site.

To see if it’s going to be useful for its readers

They don’t approve every site but as long as your website stays within the guidelines you should be good to go.

If for some reason you don’t get accepted, then you can create more high-quality content.
And submit again.


Links from article directories are now generally lower quality than other links

that you should be going after.

And it’s certainly true that posting to many other low quality article directories

will hurt your rank and website.

I hope you have seen that there are some high quality article directory’s

And if used properly, can be beneficial to your site.

A lot of people will tell you to stay away from article directories and they say they simply don’t work any more.

I take a different view

and think that the high page rank article directories moderated by real people are usually good.

Also these sites simply would not be around any more if Google didn’t view them as being useful.

As you have seen based on the page authority they still have a lot of power.

What do you think about high page rank article directories?

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How To Use Wikipedia For SEO And Link Building

Did you know you can use Wikipedia for SEO and link building.

You can get high quality links from Wikipedia; one of the most trusted resources on the Internet.

Ranking high in Google is now about producing good content. And the quantity, quality and relevance of your websites links matter more than ever.

Some of the most popular ways of building links are through reciprocal links.

This is a link between two websites, these links are not as powerful as they used to be as Google sees them as not natural. So they won’t do much to help you rank your website.

Editorial links, are links that you get through other people linking to your website.

And resource links these hyper-links tell search engine spiders about webpage’s or website’s.

An underused tactic is to use Wikipedia for SEO and link building to find high quality links

So in the rest of this article I’m going to walk you through the process of how you can find good links for your website.

An important note before we start;

Most Wikipedia links are no-follow, this means the link power won’t pass onto your website.

But, having your link in a Wikipedia page is incredibly powerful.

This is because people read Wikipedia pages.

So if your link is hyper-linked as one of the resources people will likely click through to your website.

So there is still a lot of benefit to this system

Let’s get started

Wikipedia has a whole section of their website listing articles that have dead links. You can take advantage of this by finding a page that is related to your web page or website topic.

Or if you can’t find a related topic (highly unlikely) you can create one.

The first thing to do is create an account on Wikipedia,

So, when you get to the homepage or any article page go to the “create account” link at the top, and create a screen name.

It’s free to create an account.

This will allow you to edit Wikipedia pages.


This is an important step as it will allow you to build up some credibility. Wikipedia is edited by real people and they are strict about what they will allow to be linked to.

They don’t want spam links.

So before you start taking action with the Wikipedia for SEO and link building strategy.

You should build up a good reputation first.

Be helpful and edit pages that are not related to what you will eventually be targeting.

Take some time fixing misspelt words and citations that are needed for unrelated pages.

As long as you do this for a period over a few weeks and as long as none of your edits are rejected.

You can start submitting links that will promote your website.

First, do a Google search for “Wiki dead links”

Search the letters until you find something that’s closely related to your topic.

screenshot-of-wikipedia-page-with-a red-line-and-arrow-drawn-around-abc-letterbox

When you find a page press ctrl-f a small dialogue box should appear in the top right corner. In this box write “dead” and scroll down the page until you see dead link highlighted next to the hyper link.

screenshot-showing the-ctrl-f-box-and-highlighted-dead-linkNext you need to look at how the article with the dead link used to look like.

Copy the web address of the dead link from Wikipedia.

Next go to the way back machine and paste it into the box that has the way back machine, graphic next to it.

And click browse history.

screen-capture-of-the-way-back-machine-search-boxNext you will see a calendar of when the website was last saved.

Click on one of the highlighted dates in the calendar and you will see a screenshot of how the website used to look.

So now you need to read through the article and see if your article could be a better fit for Wikipedia.

Tip; if you don’t have an article already you can create one

But first you need to head over to Open Site Explorer

And see how many other websites are linking to this dead article in Wikipedia.


This is another link building opportunity,

You can send the website owner a message telling them about the dead link on Wikipedia

And suggest your link as a replacement.

All you need to do is copy the dead link into the search box and click search.

You will see many websites linking to the article that no longer exists.

Then go to each website contact the website through their contact option,

And say something like.



Recently I found this dead article on Wikipedia (insert dead article link)

Did you know that your website is linking to this article, and it does not work any more?

I have an article on my website www.yourname.com I think would be a better article for you to link to. Would you consider replacing the link with this one (put the web address of your article)

I like the quality of your website, keep up the good work.

Have a great day

Your name


This is a great example of resource link building in action.

There is also a great tool called wiki link grabber.

This might be even better than using the dead link method.

This is a great tool

You can type sentences into the search box,

The wiki link grabber will show all the results that need citations adding to them.

Once you find a Wikipedia article that you like the look of

Press ctrl-f on your keyboard to bring up the dialogue box, and type in “citation”

Scroll down the page and you will see a sentence that has “citation” highlighted next to it. If you read the sentence and you think you have a supporting article then you can insert it.


The nice thing about Wikipedia is you can write your own sentence and then submit your link as the reference.

Often you will see sentences that have numbers next to them. These are contributing sentences that have been added to the original.

This means you can also add your sentence.


So now you know how to to use Wikipedia for SEO and link building. This is a powerful, SEO system, if done correctly.

It’s a great way to market your business and Google absolutely loves a blog on a high authority site.

Yes the links are no-follow.

But it still goes a long way to building and improving the visibility of your brand.

It’s also important because this will help build a more natural link profile,

This will look good in Google’s eyes.

And the fact is that real people will find your website and your content will be around for a long time to come.


If you liked the Wikipedia for SEO and link building strategy.

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5 Tips On How To Make A Great Looking Website

According to Google search statistics over 3.5 billion searches are made per day. More people than ever before are making websites to promote their business.

So now it’s more important than ever to be on-line and to make a great looking website.

But how do you make a great looking website, if you’re not that technically gifted?

Sure, there are expensive professionals out there who will do a nice job.

And there are some great looking website builders.

Yes a lot of them are free but they are always somewhat limited.

And don’t give you full control over what you would like to do with your website.

So instead find a nice responsive WordPress theme, roll-up-your-sleeves and get to work.

To help you I decided to create an info-graphic.

On how to make a great looking website that shows you 5 amazingly easy ways that you can take action on today

To make your website look more professional.

Click on the image below to see a larger view


Click here to see an enlarged version of this info-graphic 


Having an on-line presence is incredibly important.

Building your own on-line brand gives you power to be creative, express yourself and learn new skills

This can also can help to improve your employment prospects.

Having a well-designed website sends a message to take your brand and yourself seriously,

So other people will take note.

Also you don’t want visitors to come to your website and be put off by the design

As this will give a negative impression and probably mean losing sale.

Instead you want your website to be as visually appealing as it can be,

Engage visitors and get them to interact with your website.

Remember most people will click away after only one glimpse of your website

So you have to create something special to keep them interested.

What other things do you think make a great looking website?